Excursion destinations

In the Lieser-Malta Valley

High alpine road to the Kölnbrein dam

Along the panoramic road you reach the highest dam wall in Austria. It is 200 metres high and lies at 1,933 metres above sea level. Tip: Always bring a jacket and hat, even in summer!

Donkey Park Malta Valley

The donkey park is home to over 100 animals of various breeds. It covers an area of 30,000 square metres and is accessible to visitors and wheelchair users. The animals love to be stroked and the large meadow is the perfect place to cuddle up and relax.

Fallbach water play park

This natural playground offers a special kind of fun, games and nature experience. Imaginative water play equipment along the stream, a pond with a raft, fun riding animals, a tree house slide, sandpit with digger and much more await you.

Bee nature trail and circular hiking trail Malta

You can find out lots of interesting facts about the miracle of the bee on the Falleralm bee nature trail and along the 2.5 km circular bee trail in Malta. More info...

City of artists Gmünd

The artists' town of Gmünd with its Porsche Museum and co. attracts thousands of visitors every year with its exhibitions and numerous events.

Pancratium Gmünd - House of Amazement

Hear with your eyes - see with your ears! An interactive world of experience, which also takes into account the special needs of people with disabilities, enables playful access to the world of music, colours, shapes and movements.

Old Castle Gmünd

The Alte Burg Gmünd is not only known for its culinary delights. Visitors are also impressed by the view over the rooftops and graceful alleyways of the artists' town of Gmünd.

Energy adventure trail Drachenmeile Trebesing

The miracle of "life" takes place right before our eyes, at all times and everywhere. On the Dragon Mile energy adventure trail, young and old can explore the unique adventure of nature with the little dragon, just like in an open-air classroom.